luni, 11 ianuarie 2010

Tribal Knowledge

...and then one day I found out about Tribal Knowledge :) Quite a concept I thought. Out of all the tribal truths pointed out by John More in his Business Wisdom Brewed from the Grounds of STARTBUCJS Corporate Culture I shall resume to just a few for now. So, we have...

() There's a high price to a low price strategy
If Starbucks ever decided to run itself as a priced-to-sell retailer, it would be admitting the company no longer values a unique product or a unique customer experience.
() Be the best, not the biggest
Starbucks never set its priority to become the biggest coffee retailer. Starbucks did, however, set out to become the best coffee retailer, trusting that growth would be a by-product of being the best.
() Actions speak louder that advertising
For Starbucks, action, not advertising, is the most effective way to drive sales and build a brand.
() Practice local warming - one of may favourite!
Starbucks may be global in scope, but it strives to be local in function through being a good neighbor in the communities it serves...and one ..oh, a few more :)
() Touchology Trumps Technology
Starbucks has learned that customers appreciate the high-touch human interaction with store partners and not the high-tech mechanisms that attempt to emulate personal relationships, but are a poor substitute for the real thing.

() Tourists bring home souvenirs. Explorers bring home stories 

Starbucks marketers treat customers not as occasional tourists seeking superficial trinkets but as everyday explorers seeking stories.

() Walls talk. Take a moment to listen

All walls talk, no matter the business. Walls say something good or bad about businesses every day. The problem is, many businesspeople do not spend enough time in their stores to know what the walls are telling them.

() Everything matters
You’d be hard pressed to find a Starbucks employee say, “That doesn’t matter. No customer will ever notice it.” Because chances are a customer will notice. And that’s why EVERYTHING MATTERS to Starbuck

Food for thought! 

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