vineri, 1 ianuarie 2010

Relax, it's only ONES and ZEROS :)

Well, there's today & there's tomorrow.
Today we have things called search engines...This is certainly better than nothing, but these mechanisms are not what dreams are made of. What are our dreams about information? What are our dreams about knowledge?
For the first time in history, we can actually dream & expect some of it to happen. And since dreams are described by human beings, they are constituted out of the fabric of what us deemed at any moment possible & what is deemed as possible is available in new combinations...Michelangelo was viewing the piece of stone before the hammer and chisel was invented, and all that Michelangelo was able to mouth was his admiration & observation that it's a big piece of stone; whereas, when somebody slaps a hammer & chisel in his hand upon the event of invention of those technologies - of tool making - he then, because of the availability & possibility, thinks of the creative opportunity & shouts, "I Must let Moses out!"
Let's hear it for tomorrow!
Now is the time to start shouting about having smart engines that know who you are & anticipate the things you might be interested in. We need smart software & smart hardware in combination which suggests sparklers in a birthday cake, amazing connections between thought & thought, braiding & weaving ideas, overlapping to help you create creative thoughts, new thoughts, artful thoughts, new patterns that you own, trips that are only yours, journeys & voyages that profile who you are, fantasies of flying through information that is constantly accessible & understandable, that tickle a random thought until it becomes an idea & combines ideas until they become inventions & packages those inventions so they become available for others. Now is the time to dream.
~adapted from Richard Saul Wurman's foreword to Information Design 

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