joi, 22 aprilie 2010

A BIC challenge masterpiece

We all use ballpoint pens almost everyday. I admit I tend to use ballpoint pens in different colors, as if an idea could somehow be expressed better if written in a certain color. I even have what other call a remarkable collection of pens and of anything that you can possible think a person would use for writing. 

Yet, it wasn't until today when I happened to run over a ballpoint pen drawing! :) Pleasantly suprising I might say. Go have a look:

BIC power

marți, 20 aprilie 2010

Which Mobile Framework Supports Cross Platform Application Development?

When we want to develop applications that should run on different O/S's like Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian and etc., we need to know what options we have. 

Since winning the Web 2.0 Expo LaunchPad competition in April 2009, PhoneGap has been widely recognized as a game-changer for mobile app development. The open source code has been downloaded more than 200,000 times and hundreds of apps built using PhoneGap are available in mobile app stores and directories. In 2009, PhoneGap was named by InfoWorld as a top emerging enterprise technology in the category "cross-platform mobile app development". The PhoneGap mission is to Web-enable native device functionality with open standards like HTML, CSS and JavaScript so that you can focus on the app you're building, not on authoring complex platform compatibility layers.
PhoneGap Roadmap

Rhodes is an open source framework to rapidly build NATIVE apps for all major smartphone operating systems (iPhone, Windows Mobile, RIM, Symbian and Android). These are true native device applications (NOT mobile web apps) which work with synchronized local data and take advantage of device capabilities such as GPS, PIM contacts and camera.

See also:
Whoop - everything mobile they say in just 4 steps! 

These are just a few options. More to come...hopefully! :-)

Top excuses for being late: "I dreamt I was already at work"

One-quarter of IT workers say they are late to work at least once a week, according to a survey from, with 11% showing up late at least twice a week. Hiring managers contacted by the company gave some of the excuses offered by workers—from the legitimate and to the outrageous.

23% of managers say they have terminated an employee for being late :)

Among the top excuses for being late:
"I dreamt I was already at work"
"I had an early morning gig as a clown"
"It was too windy"

and of course, last but not least

"My dog swallowed my cell phone" -  poor dogs, from eating homewoirks to eating cell phones! 

I think that "late to bed and early to rise gives a programer blood-shot eyes" applies very well when it comes to IT workers. This would make a pretty good excuse :)

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