joi, 7 ianuarie 2010

The ring of..sharing :)

The importance of sharing

Just a few thoughts on the challenge of sharing. Keep? Tell? Quite a dilemma! A vicious circle if you like. Where do we start from? Well, it's been true that knowledge shared is knowledge multiplied. Simple. Easy. Practiced? Not as much as it should.  The more a group knows of what its members know, the better it can perform in the world. It's also true that the more remote people feel from one another, the more risky knowledge sharing looks and the more tempting it is to hold knowledge for private advantage. After all, what we give is what we get, right? :)

By doing so, we can multiply the mutual benefits and we can focus more than one mind on solving a certain problem by looking at it collectively and come up with better solutions. The faster our collective knowledge can be spread, the faster we can advance towards better and richer outcomes. With this in mind, we can reconsider our attitude and advance!

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